Bidvest Academy
The programme covers leadership (including re-engineering leadership DNA to generate higher levels of energy and performance), business strategy, services (customer service, customer orientation and marketing) and finance.

The leadership programme is built around a model which identifies leadership energy as the driver of all system performance. Leadership energy drives employee energy which in turn generates customer satisfaction and profitability.

Launched in May 2003 as a training ground for young executives of our Group, The Bidvest Academy has grown beyond expectation.

Delegates, who come from all Bidvest companies throughout South Africa, are nominated by the respective divisional chief executives as recommended by each company head. Every delegate is assessed, not only by management, but by members of his or her peer group and subordinates.

Packed into three four-day and one two-day workshops spread over six months, is a lot of solid, hard work as well as some team-building fun. Delegates are grouped into divisional teams and present a project to Chief Executive Brian Joffe and divisional chief executives.

Sleep is something delegates get little of during the course of each Academy, putting in a full day on the job at their respective companies, while beavering away at nights and over week-ends to complete their Academy assignments and projects. Everyone who has experienced the Academy will tell you that it is more than worth the "blood, sweat and tears"!

Bidvest Graduate Academy
May 2007 saw the launch of the Bidvest Graduate Academy. It is anticipated that this initiative will take the top graduates of Bidvest Academies I, II and III to the next level of training for top management positions in the Group.