Bidvest ethics line
Fraud, corruption, intimidation and dishonesty in the workplace have become an increasing problem in South Africa . Too often wrongdoing of this nature goes unreported and undetected, to the detriment of all stakeholders.

As a result, Bidvest has made available a free and anonymous ethics line to all its employees and other stakeholders. With your help, we aim to encourage an open and transparent workplace, promoting a culture of reporting wrongdoing.

We are committed to conducting healthy business practices which support our company values of respect, honesty, integrity and accountability, ensuring a stable employment environment and the ongoing success of Bidvest.

The service is managed by Deloitte and is independent of Bidvest. Thus wrongdoing may be reported in total anonymity and without fear of discrimination. The law also provides protection. In 2001 the SA Government passed a law dealing with whistle-blosing. The Protected Disclosures Act protects employees from being victimised, harassed or dismissed for blowing the whistle on wrongdoers in the workplace.
Freecall:   0800 50 60 90
Freefax:   0800 00 77 88
E-mail:   bidvest@tip-offs.com
Freepost:     Tip-offs Anonymous
KwaZulu Natal 138
Umhlanga Rocks, 4320
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